Sunday, March 20, 2011

if: Cultivate (Listening)

I painted this image a few months ago and named it "Listening". When I was working on it I was thinking about cultivating deep listening, both internally and externally. It is painted on wood with acrylics and color pencils.


  1. This is serene and ghostly. I love the pale face and hair atop a fading shroud against wood grain.

    Just beautiful. Good work.

  2. I really like how the texture of the wood continues into the painting!
    You asked for tips on using watercolours, and while I'm terribly flattered by that, I don't really do a lot of watercolours but here's someone who does it beautifully: and since you like cute stuff, Shirley does the most adorable scenes with watercolours:

  3. It seems such a poetic piece, especially since it is dedicated to deep listening. It looks as if it's printed on a tree, the greatest listeners of the world! Beautiful!

  4. Thank you, all, for your kind comments. They keep me creating.

  5. Claudia,
    Your work is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you stopped my blog—there are sooo many IF artists, I might not have stumbled on your work and I'm so glad I visited! Love your humor, sensitivity, and just pure adorableness not to mention your style. Lovely! Now I can't wait to see what you do with "toy"...